Portfolio Management

At First Bankers’ Banc Securities, Inc. (FBBS), we are committed to our clients’ success in portfolio management by providing the tools and analytics needed in today’s investment world. We strive to blend innovative problem solving with a historically conservative investment philosophy. Most importantly we listen to you, formulate a strategy tailored to meet your goals, and assist you in selecting investments to satisfy your unique situation.

Years of expertise in banking and investment portfolio management allow our sales team to understand how investment products perform in different interest rate scenarios. Our experienced and informed traders give us access to a wide selection of fixed income securities. Our sales team is in constant communication with our trading desk to provide you, our client, with timely market execution. Our long-standing professional relationships are a testament to our success.

Comprehensive Portfolio Management Services:

  • Bond Portfolio Accounting
  • Municipal Bond Portfolio Credit Review
  • Pre-Purchase Bond Analysis
  • Total Return Analysis
  • Bond Swap Analysis Report
  • Asset-Liability/Interest Rate Risk Reporting