Investment Portfolio Accounting

FBBS offers a comprehensive package of investment portfolio accounting services to provide your institution an accurate, capable and compliant accounting solution. FBBS licenses a software platform to give our dedicated team the control to maintain and process data in a more responsive manner than traditional outsourced providers. Our program offers an industry-leading accounting methodology menu, as well as a variety of flexible input assumptions. Clients have access to real-time portfolio holdings via a secure web portal to facilitate pledging, safekeeping, and portfolio management needs.

Processing in-house allows us to expedite special requests and make adjustments after cut-off periods, allowing your institution flexibility and efficiency for reporting needs. Our team can run “what-if” scenarios to help evaluate the potential impacts of various assumption and methodology options. SFAS 115 compliant third-party pricing provides an independent and unbiased valuation of your portfolio. From creating custom securities to providing quarterly interest rate shock reports, our thoughtfully engineered platform offers a simple solution for a complex set of reporting requirements.