Public Finance

Since 1989, First Bankers’ Banc Securities, Inc. (FBBS) has held a proven record of accomplishment securing public finance transactions for communities in Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma.  Our municipal clients have included entities such as cities, counties, fire and ambulance districts, park districts, water and sewer districts and school districts.  FBBS helps customize solutions to funding challenges, paving the path for financing new projects or restructuring existing debt to benefit your hometown.

Acting in various capacities for underwritings, we share technical knowledge about municipal bond issuance including advice on investment ratings and bond insurance as well as options for alternative structures to help reduce issuer costs.  In conjunction with our partners, FBBS can assist clients throughout the entire process to structure, underwrite and market tax-exempt and taxable municipal securities.  For thirty years, we have cultivated a strategic approach to achieving mutual success in the municipal underwriting sector.

Please contact us at or (888) 726-2880 for more information.

Sampling of Previous FBBS Underwritings:

  • Lindbergh School District, St. Louis County, Missouri
  • City of Farmington, Missouri
  • City of Wellington, Kansas
  • City of Belleville, Illinois
  • Canadian County Independent School District #27, Yukon, Oklahoma

Strategic Partnership with L.J. Hart & Company

FBBS is committed to your public financing success from the initial planning to closing.  We provide the highest quality professional investment banking services and referrals to our clients.  We have partnered with L.J. Hart & Company to assist clients when a negotiated municipal underwriting is the desired approach.  L.J. Hart & Company has completed over 2,000 financings since the company was founded in 1991.  L.J. Hart & Company will act in a fiduciary capacity as the Financial Advisor deploying decades of knowledge and experience to work for you.  L.J. Hart & Company will lead the financing team of bond counsel, issuer counsel, paying agent/trustee, bond insurer and rating agency when applicable.  FBBS will execute the transactions, placing the bonds within our large network of clients.