Public Finance

Since 1989, First Bankers’ Banc Securities, Inc. (FBBS) offers underwriting and placement agent services to help state and local governments public finance projects with tax-exempt and taxable debt in the form of municipal bonds, bank loans and leases. In the last 30 years our municipal clients have included:

• Cities
• Counties
• Water Districts
• Sewer Districts
• Fire Districts
• K-12 School Districts
• Higher Education Institutions
• Public Building Commissions

FBBS has held a proven track record of accomplishment in public finance, securing municipal bond financing for communities and municipal districts in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Iowa, among other states in the Midwest.

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Types of Financings

Securities (Taxable and Tax-Exempt)

• General Obligation Bonds
• Certificates of Participation
• Revenue Bonds
• Refunding Bonds
• Special Tax Revenue Bonds
• Private Activity Bonds


Contact Info

Jon Benson
Direct: (913) 933-7012
Toll Free: (866) 530-2846

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